Trusted & secured world class co-packers

With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, we provide a range of co-packing services

Quality is our top priority

Our non-carbonated water plant strictly adheres to all the quality parameters set by the Bureau of Indian Standards

Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled team

Enable us to efficiently and effectively co-pack a variety of beverages including non-carbonated drinks, juices, energy drinks, and more

We take pride in our meticulous selection

of raw materials and packaging materials, sourced exclusively from trusted vendors known for their superior quality

8 Years of

At Arunjyoti Bio Ventures Ltd, quality is our top priority.

Crafting Beverages, Elevating Brands

Let us elevate your brand, one bottle at a time, with our passion for perfection and a commitment to crafting beverages that leave a lasting impression.


Your trusted partner in the world of beverage co-packing. As a premier co-packer for multinational corporations, we redefine industry standards with our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices throughout our production process.

Choose Arunjyoti Bio Ventures Ltd. for a co-packing experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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