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Retail Services:

ABVL, as an authorized distributor for multiple multinational FMCG companies (MNCs) in the Telangana region, we take pride in our extensive distribution network that spans across the entire state, and we are committed to ensuring that these high-quality products reach our customers efficiently and in top condition.

Network: With a strong and well-established distribution network, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and timely delivery to a wide range of customers throughout Telangana. Our partnerships with FMCG MNCs enable us to offer a diverse range of products, meeting the varied preferences of consumers in the region.

Our Priority

At ABVL, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in our distribution services. We are honored to represent these FMCG MNCs in Telangana and are dedicated to upholding their brand values while serving our customers with the best products.


Discover the range of co-packing services we offer to cater to the diverse needs of our MNC partner